New Video: “After All” 

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So amazing. So beautiful. This show was so incredible to work on. Thoughts about season 2/EA continuations to come, but for now… enjoy this incredible beautiful finale.

Oh and thanks to all the fans who helped #makeItCrane!

Fabulous series!



New emmaapproved episode - “At Last” - with Joanna Sotomura and Brent Bailey. 

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I’ve been hinting at this rather a lot, but The Body Electric does not take place in America…in fact, it takes place in a part of the world that is rarely written about.

Your task: take a guess as to where the book is located. There are LOTS of clues out there—in fact one person has already messaged me with a guess that is correct, and that’s before I’ve posted all the clues. 

Once you know what country the story takes place in—or have a pretty good guess—ENTER HERE for a chance to win a signed, limited edition of the novel. Only 350 copies of this limited edition will be made, and one person who enters here will get one—early. 

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Cannot wait for this book - and look! a cool contest! yippee